Additive manufacturing (AM) is being developed in the age of data. Relatively recent developments, such as digital data acquisition, automation, data analysis, and data sharing have the potential to exponentially accelerate the AM development timeline. Each platform can expand the AM knowledge base, which can be used to make new platforms more effective. Data-enabled material screening, build monitoring, post-build characterization, process qualification, part certification, and data security are among possible advancements ahead of the AM industry. However, this exponential growth has not yet been observed. A key gap is the development of an AM data ecosystem where the generation, storage, analysis, and sharing of useful data is easy and secure. A sub-gap is the consistency of data that is gathered across groups. These issues create some challenges ahead of the AM community and new methodologies and standards are needed. This workshop, jointly developed by ASTM International and America Makes, aims to cover recent AM data management and data-enabled applications by bringing government, industry, and academic representatives together in order to discuss pertinent issues.

One of the outcomes of this workshop is a roadmap that captures the input of various sectors and allow us to map out existing challenges, summarize gaps and come up with some potential future solutions to improve data management and use by timely development of related standards.

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