The AM safety course provides knowledge on the general elements needed when setting up facility for AM and the safety issues to be considered during the life of the AM processes. It will cover the different regulatory standards and codes applicable to AM. It provides guidance on how these standards can apply to your facility. It will identify some of the most relevant standards and how they are specifically applied to preserving the safety and well being of all employees using additive manufacturing technologies.  It provides knowledge on many of the safety elements and best practices that need to be considered when; 1) establishing your AM facility, 2) handling AM materials, 3) performing post-processing, and 4) responding an emergency situation.

The fees to attend the course are listed below:

Early registration by July 15th:

Non-Members: $1,250.00

ASTM Members: $1,100.00

Regular registration after July 15th:

Non-Members: $1,300.00

ASTM Members: $1,150.00

If you have questions concerning online registration, please contact AM CoE at, Tel: 610-832-9677.

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