This brainstorming session is initiated by NAMIC and SG Enable, with AWWA representing the user/beneficiary group who serves clients with pan-disability across life stages. The session aims to:

  • Explore how 3D printing technology could be leveraged to help persons with disabilities gain independence in mobility and daily living through the usage of 3D printed devices;
  • Identify specific problem statements and use cases;
  • Develop prototypes for user testing/trials; and
  • Facilitate production and adoption by other users so as to extend the benefits to more users upon successful trial/proof of concept.


The session will be held on 11 Sep 2019, at the Enabling Village. During the session, the participants will be split into different groups which would consist of representatives from AWWA and 3D printing experts from NAMIC. The brainstorming session would be conducted using a user-centric approach from design thinking methodology and it aims to:

  • Identify suitable profiles of users;
  • Identify challenges/problem statements faced by the users in their daily routines that could potentially be solved by 3D printing; and
  • Discuss and ideate potential 3D printing prototypes/solutions.