Witteveen+Bos South-East Asia Pte Ltd

Business Nature

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Research & Development
  • Software


  • AM Technology (Hardware / Process)
  • Building & Construction
  • Robotics / Automation

Country of Operations

  • Singapore
  • The Netherlands

What's Unique

Contact Information

Mr Shaun Wu, 3D Concrete Printing Consultant

Phone: +65 9734 9325

Address: 2 International Business Park, The Strategy, Tower 1 #02-01, Singapore 609930

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/witteveen-bos/ 

Website: https://www.witteveenbos.com/digital-solutions/3d-concrete-printing


The Company

Established in 1946, Witteveen+Bos (W+B) is an engineering consultancy firm headquartered in the Netherlands. We advise and assist our clients worldwide in solving the complex challenges of our times and are a committed partner for our clients. W+B provides advice and develops designs in the fields of water, infrastructure, the environment and construction.

Over 1,400 employees work at W+B, based in 22 offices and 10 countries around the world, including Singapore. We work on more than 4,700 projects worldwide on issues such as CO₂-neutral and circular construction, sustainable infrastructure, energy transition, flood protection, climate adaptation and the improvement of industrial processes.

The Digital Construction Group is dedicated to digitizing and automating the construction industry through robotic technologies, notably 3D Concrete Printing (3DCP).

W+B is the front runner in the field of design and engineering of 3DCP load-bearing structures, boasting a rich track record dating back to 2014. Our 3DCP projects spans a wide array of applications, from bridges, buildings to residential housing, artificial reefs, urban furniture, and sculptures. Each project showcases not only  W+B’s technical expertise but also underscores our commitment to innovation, productivity, sustainability, and aesthetic excellence.

W+B works closely with research institutes and local authorities to design bespoke 3DCP structures that comply with local standards and requirements.

Products and Services

  • Feasibility Study: We assist to realise your 3DCP ideas to practice.
  • Research & Development: We work with clients to develop 3DCP technology.
  • Design & Engineering: We design and engineer 3DCP structures.
  • 3DCP Facilities: We advise clients on how to setup a 3DCP facility.
  • Software: We provide 3DCP software from design to production.