Proterial Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Business Nature

  • Materials (Metals)
  • Research & Development


  • Aerospace
  • AM Technology (Hardware / Process)
  • Automotive/Transport
  • Defence
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Semiconductor & Electronics

Country of Operations

  • Japan

What's Unique

Enhancing customer’s value through high performance materials, AM processes and R&D support.

Contact Information

Mr Enoch Lim (Global Sales Manager)
Mr David Ong (Sales Manager)
Mr Eric Yeo (Sales Engineer)

+65 8208 4796 (Enoch)
+65 8722 1735 (David)
+65 8809 2598 (Eric)

12, Gul Avenue, Singapore 629656


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Website: https://www.proterial.com/e/products/item/am/

The Company

The Proterial Group is a materials manufacturer that possesses competitive core technologies in the high performance materials field. Proterial offers global top brand products and develop various businesses related to the infrastructure areas, automobile, and electronics.

Over its more than 100-year history, the Proterial Group has continued to grow through a succession of mergers and acquisitions. Through this process, it has created the diverse technologies, products, and business portfolios that are the source of its competitiveness, and this diversity is the embodiment of Proterial’s uniqueness.

Proterial promotes medium and long term advanced material research and development themes that contribute to sustainable growth and social contribution. As one of its activities, Proterial develops high performance original materials along with providing support in terms of printing parameters.

Proterial’s Global Research & Innovative Technology Center(GRIT) also provides global R&D support for companies from incubation to production of additive manufactured parts.

Products and Services


Printing Capabilities

  • Metals printing