Business Nature

  • AM Machine
  • Materials (Metals)
  • Materials (Non-metals)
  • Service Bureau


  • AM Technology (Hardware / Process)
  • AM Technology (Software)

Country of Operations

  • The Netherlands

What's Unique

(Sustainable) material options, scalability, open platform, partner from research to full industrial production

Contact Information

Mr Eric Geboers, Founder & CEO

Phone: +31 (0)85 0606 171

Address: Scheepsbouwweg 8 3089 JW Rotterdam

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/concr3de/

Website: https://www.concr3de.com


The Company

CONCR3DE builds powder-based 3D printers for research, industry, and construction. Combining our fully accessible binder jetting 3D print technology with extensive material expertise, we harness the power of additive manufacturing by accurately printing complex parts in any size – from material research to industrial production. Enabling research institutes and universities to create novel print materials or binders and customizing any print setting, CONCR3DE unlocks 3D printing with virtually any powder-based material. Our range of validated materials, being specific combinations of powders and binders, and matching optimized printer hardware, is growing fast. Off-the-shelf options include technical ceramics, like Silicon Carbide and Alumina 92%, stone, such as Marble and Limestone, several Foundry Sands, Refractory Cement, and biobased materials, like 3D printed Wood. This allows CONCR3DE to meet material requirements such as functional strength, aesthetic properties, outdoor use, biocompatibility and shock, heat, pressure, or electrical resistance. We provide non-toxic, inorganic,  biocompatible, water soluble and even food safe binder options, which improve product and process safety and add previously unavailable recycling options. As sustainability is in our core, many materials allow full upcycling of existing waste – such as marble stone dust from the quarries or sawdust from the wood processing factory – into valuable new end-use products. Our proprietary printing technology does not create any new waste, and unused powder is fully recyclable for the next print. Our 3D printer range enables cost-effective production with unprecedented scalability – from the size of a Rubik’s Cube to the size of a building façade in a single print. Test small and produce big without the need to switch technology platforms or figure out new parameters. Whether you are looking for a unique material research or prototyping platform, industrial or high-tech functional parts production or printing large-scale molds or architectural designs: CONCR3DE is your 3D Powderhouse.

Products and Services

Armadillo White was designed to help material researchers and scientists explore the full potential of additive manufacturing. This modular, accessible platform can use any available CONCR3DE powder or binder – but invites you to create new standards and novel applications. Every single setting, from speed to saturation and from the binder droplet size and shape to UV- or infrared curing options – Armadillo White gives you full control over the 3D printing process and results.

Armadillo Blue is the most cost-effective production platform to create high-quality products and parts in materials like technical ceramics and metals. This printer is compatible with CONCR3DE binders for printing metal or ceramic materials and features several additional modules that make it highly suitable for high tech materials and applications It offers a large workspace based on our high precision jetting system and comes with our intuitive open software.

Armadillo Gray allows you to print a wide range of stone and concrete materials using readily available powders and binders. This printer was designed for production runs with smaller objects. It is also exceptionally well suited to perform low volume tests or sample prints in conjunction with our large-scale printer options. Armadillo Gray features all the add-ons we came to know as indispensable for efficiently printing high-quality objects.

Elephant Gray is an industrial large-scale binder jetting 3D printer used for high precision production of stone objects. This fully autonomous, proprietary production system uses a recoater and an array of printheads for single pass accurate jetting of an aqueous binder on a mineral powder bed. CONCR3DE Elephant Gray is compatible with CONCR3DE stone-based materials and binders and makes it possible to cost-effectively produce objects up to 2 x 1 x 1 meters in size – or including many smaller or unique parts in a single print run. Our smart depowdering and post-processing solutions allow Elephant to be the heart of a dust-free integral production process.

Printing Capabilities

  • Binder Jetting:
  1. Armadillo White (XL) (R&D)
  2. Armadillo Blue (XL) (Industry & High-Tech – ceramics and metals)
  3. Armadillo Gray (XL) (Construction & Design – stone and minerals)
  4. Armadillo Green (XL) (Biobased – sawdust)
  5. Elephant Gray (Construction & Design – stone and minerals)