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What's Unique

We specialise in providing quality, reliable and industry proven 3D Solutions to our customers

Contact Information

Tony Moochala
Address: Blk 203A Henderson Road, Henderson Industrial Park #02-03, Singapore 159546
Phone: +65 6273 7252 / +65 9105 5786

The Company

Inspired by Innovation, Chemtron Pte Ltd was established in 1996 to lead the industry by providing valuable technologies and solutions to our clients. We carry a complete portfolio of solutions that is making rapid head way into various industries such as manufacturing, medical, jewellery, aerospace and dental markets. Through the trust and support of our clients, we have successfully installed our solutions into leading institutions and commercial enterprises across South East Asia. We are passionate about continuously pushing the boundaries of possibilities by embracing key technologies and successfully implementing them.

Our vision is to empower companies with cutting-edge technologies to remain competitive and relevant in today’s business environment.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to help companies adopt and implement new technologies to improve and enhance their traditional practices. We aim to do this by understanding our customers’ difficulties and thereby providing effective solutions to overcome this. We seek to educate and train our customers by offering exceptional customer service and support all times.

Products and Services

3D Printing and Consultancy Services:

Chemtron provides a wide range of 3D printing services for our customers ranging from resins, thermoplastics, composites to metal! We also provide consultancy and 3D designing services to assist customers in adopting this upcoming technology.

Products We Distribute



Markforged is liberating designers and engineers from the long lead times and high costs of traditional manufacturing. Instead of waiting weeks and paying thousands of dollars for a part, with Markforged you can 3D print incredibly high-performance parts on-premise and in under 24 hours, such as carbon fiber parts that are as strong as aluminum and dramatically lighter.

For heat tolerance and overall Isotropic strength, use the Markforged Metal X system that allows you to print with 17-4 stainless steel, tool steel and more! For anything else, print with Titanium, Aluminum, Kevlar, or one of our 11 other materials to fit any functional application. Welcome to the future.





For 15+ years, EnvisionTEC has been delivering desktop and production 3D printers and materials that deliver best-in-class results. We are leaders in the dental, hearing aid, jewelry, entertainment, and industrial markets. Nobody beats EnvisionTEC when it comes to accuracy, surface finish and speed.


With its huge 1m³ volume, the BigRep Solutions opens the gateway to a new dimension of 3D printing and 3D Manufacturing. Engineers, architects and designers now have access to large-dimensional at a much lower price.  BigRep 3D printers are constructed to feel at home anywhere in rugged work environments such as workshops or construction zones, or in tidy offices or studios. Whether it’s functional prototypes, composite tooling or end-use products, We want you to envision everything from human scale robot parts, sculptural artworks in all their full-dimensional glory, and dream the impossible world-changing designs of tomorrow while enabling you to print them today using one of our 3D printers.


Dexter is an award winning high precision 7 axis robotic arm with an impressive 3kg payload and 700mm reach. Its built by 3D printing technology which make this robotic arm highly affordable and opens to endless custom-ability options. Dexter can be trained to do task in less  then 60 seconds and plug and play integration system makes this robot well suited for education, R&D and light industrial use cases.


Cellink focuses on the development and commercialization of bioprinting technologies that allow researchers to 3D print human organs and tissues for the development of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, and in the future, for clinical applications.
CELLINK’s innovative and patent pending bioink is a biomaterial innovation that enables human cells to grow and thrive such as they would in the natural human body environment.