Autentica Industrial Platform Pte. Ltd.

Business Nature

  • AM Products Distributor
  • Manufacturing
  • Software


  • Automotive/Transport
  • Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO)
  • Maritime
  • Oil & Gas

Country of Operations

  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom

What's Unique

Autentica’s Web3 marketplace connects OEMs , buyers and 3D printing services via NFT-backed 3D printed parts

Contact Information

Mrs Irma Vitoriano Gilbert, CEO

Phone numbers:

SG: +65-86970641

UK: +447402595926

Address: 80 Robinson Road, #14-02, Singapore 068898

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/irmagilbert/



The Company

Autentica is a technology company committed to empowering and safeguarding creators worldwide. We deliver cutting–edge solutions poised to revolutionize manufacturing, spare parts consumption and the protection of intellectual property and digital assets in the sectors we serve. The business function of our company the Autentica Industrial Platform, provides a secure additive manufacturing ecosystem and digital spare parts supply chain for 3D printing and aftermarket sectors in various industries. Autentica serves various sectors, including automotive, space, aerospace, defence, health, and life sciences.  Autentica’s mission is to spearhead transformative change within these industries, fostering a new era of efficiency, security, and innovation. We are deeply focused on redefining conventional practices and introducing a ground-breaking approach that not only streamlines manufacturing processes but also safeguards the invaluable Intellectual l Property and digital assets of our clients. Autentica’s vision is to propel these sectors into a more dynamic and secure future, ensuring the continued growth and success of our clients and partners.

Products and Services

  • Autentica’s Web3 e-commerce marketplace offers a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service ) solution for spare part business, facilitating the global distribution of 3D printed parts. Buyers without any 3D printing expertise can easily access a Click-to-Print Experience for ordering high-quality quality genuine 3D-printed parts.
  • The Autentica Industrial Platform-as-a-Service offers a bespoke solution that makes it affordable for OEMs to access cloud-based blockchain digital infrastructure. This IT infrastructure automatically coordinates distributed production facilities and secures the 3D models immediately after  design data is quality-assured by the design o
  • API Integrators for connectivity with existing Digital Inventories and On-demand manufacturing platforms.