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The National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (aka NAMIC) is a pan-national initiative led by NTUitive, supported by the National Research Foundation and in partnership with SPRING Singapore and the Singapore Economic Development Board. NAMIC aims to increase Singapore’s adoption of additive manufacturing technologies to enhance competitiveness in the rapidly evolving landscape of digital industrialisation. This is accomplished by nurturing promising AM technologies and start-ups, as well as accelerating translation R&D from public sector funded institutions with a focus on commercial applications. NAMIC seeds and enables public-private cross-collaboration, acting as a connector between industry, research performers and public agencies.  It also assists companies seeking capital injection either through project joint-funding or leveraging on its investor networks. 


Since its inception, it has engaged several hundred organizations globally and in Singapore, expanding its outreach and network to include government agencies, industry associations, trade embassies, research institutes, universities, polytechnics, multi-national companies, small-medium enterprises and start-ups. From its inception in October 2015 to October 2017, NAMIC has raised more than $20 million in private and public funding to support close to 100 projects covering industry technology validation, technology translation, standards development and certification, across various industry verticals. By 2020, it aims to raise more than $45 million in joint funding to support up to 230 projects.


Since then, it has built a cluster organisation around the AM R&D hubs in NUS, SUTD and NTU 3D printing centres, led by a program office hosted in NTUitive. It has established strategies focusing on key industry verticals in Singapore for industrial adoption of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies. It has established itself to be the nexus of Additive Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 public-private initiatives locally through its network of trade associations, economic agencies, and companies. It has provided much needed funding to share the early risk of adoption with the industry partners and streamlined the approval processes. It has accelerated AM standards development, expanded the local AM eco-system in the private sector, and supported several early start-ups and SMEs adopting AM technologies. It has engaged with several hundred organisations globally and locally, co-led multiple workshops and 3D printing design competitions with the IHL partners, as well as spear-headed 3 major regional AM summits in 2017 (July to-date). Each of the NAMIC AM Summit Series are organized around an industry vertical in Precision Engineering, Aerospace, and Healthcare respectively.  By the end of this year, it would have hosted 4 of these regional summits.


It has also reviewed more than a hundred industry-IHL joint project proposals, and committed close to $7 million in funding, with matching contribution from its industry and IHL partners, to support more than 60 industry/translational/standards development projects. They include space and cleantech applications, bio-inks for 3D printing, customized 3D printers, in-vivo implants, materials, and product prototyping. In addition to companies, it has reached out to various research institutes in Singapore and globally, seeking to optimize public sector funding, providing much needed industry linkage and feedback to the IHLs and RIs. In the course of engagement, it has also established strategic partnerships with several multi-national and SME companies, including HP Inc, Intellectual Ventures, UCT, DMG-Mori Seiki, Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL), and Flex (formerly Flextronics), just to name a few.

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NTU Singapore
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    Biomedical Technology

    Printed Electronics

    Printed Electronics

  • Precision Engg

    Precision Engineering


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  • Bldg n Construction

    Design Building & Construction

    Clean Tech

    Clean Technology

What We Do

  • Leadership

    Consolidate and foster collaboration to achieve global/regional leadership in Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies.
  • Standards & Training

    Develop AM standards to accelerate research and industry adoption. Provide training and certification for industry professionals.
  • New Business

    Build and catalyse an ecosystem for the growth of new businesses and new business models with AM technologies.
  • Translation

    Accelerate translation of upstream AM research into commercial applications for the industry and support business adoption.
  • Adoption

    Create and provide a platform for test, learning and implementation of AM methodologies.

NAMIC Portfolio

620 Companies Engaged
132 Projects Initiated
79 Projects Approved
Sector / Domain Breakdown
Standards / Certification
AM Technology

NAMIC Management

NAMIC Management

NAMIC Hub Management

Our Partners & Stakeholders

  • Institute of Higher Learning

  • Government Agencies

  • Federation & Associations

  • Start-ups, SMEs, LLEs & MNCs

Enabling the Digital Future

Our partners and stakeholders comprise of NAMIC Hub Management & Expert Members from Academia and Industry PEP Quorum Members:-

  1. Cluster Lead Party (CLP)
  2. Institute of Higher Learnings (IHLs)
  3. Government Agencies
  4. Federations and Associations
  5. Start-ups, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Large Local Enterprises (LLEs) and Multinational Corporations (MNCs)

IHL Hubs


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    "NAMIC is an important part of our effort to ensure the competitiveness of our manufacturing sector"

    Mr S Iswaran

    Minister of Trade & Industry (Industry)
  • Image

    “Singapore and GE are aligned in terms of broad objectives, and with a little proactivity could find significant points of resonance”

    Dr Sanjay Correa

    Vice President – Industrialisation GE Aviation
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    "I am very impressed with how Singapore is driving and supporting the local AM industry development in a very coordinated and strategic way. I am sure that through NAMIC’s great efforts will help put Singapore on the global AM map.”

    Jack Wu

    General Manager EOS Electro Optical Systems (Shanghai
  • Image

    “I was happy to see all the energy in the Singaporean AM space, looking forward to much more to come!”

    Wil Micheles

    Vice President Asia Pacific Materialise
  • Jerome

    “The entire NAMIC initiative is geared toward encouraging local companies to adopt and integrate additive manufacturing.”

    Jerome Hewlett

    Invention Science Fund Vice President, Intellectual Ventures
  • Zhou

    “NAMIC can help de-risk a company’s foray into Additive Manufacturing, make it less risky and open your eyes to the amazing research that’s out there.”

    Zhou Simin

    Vice President of Digital Manufacturing Technologies, UL

News & Events

NAMIC – Enabling the Digital Future

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