Aircraft Additive Manufacturing Parts Simulation Failure Mode and Reliability Performance

Problem Statement

As AM parts are new to the airline and MRO industry, there are little or no literature or research that serves to quantify the service performance of AM parts. One of the hurdles faced is to convince, to potential customers, the superiority, if not equality, of AM parts relative to parts made via traditional manufacturing such as injection molding.


This project aims to analyze and compare the performance of 3D printed in-cabin parts against existing OEM parts to support the business case of redesigning and producing cabin parts through AM.

Performance evaluation workflow
Performance evaluation workflow

Key Benefits/Outcomes

  • The simulation and reliability test results provide confidence for Additive Flight Solutions (AFS) to promote the adoption of using AM for damage part replacement to customers, which translates to cost savings and lead time saving compared to using OEM parts.
  • The test results and proposed design improvements to serve as guidelines on how the AM parts can be re-designed for better performance.



Mr. Marc Lee