Strategic Partnership

NAMIC aims to support more industries, expand into new areas and access new technologies via strategic partnership.

Here are several types of our strategic partnership:-


NAMIC-IPI Partnership

  • Leverage global Intellectual Property (IP) pool for Background IP (BIP)
  • Foreground IP (FIP) creation through Institute of Higher Learning + Industry Partner


NAMIC and SMF launch Industry Partnership Program to bene?t 3000+ SME membership pool

  • Tie in to AM Industry Working Group, to advance AM adoption and unlock value for SMF membership pool
  • SMF members pool resources, form Technology Partnership Group around common Technical Challenge
  • NAMIC augments resources, identifies relevant IP, implements translational R&D project to achieve technical objective
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Namic is partnering with Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) to identify and place students skilled in AM technologies in NAMIC projects. Interested companies please contact NAMIC.

The Framework

  • NAMIC partners with Polys and IHLs to identify pool of qualified AM students
  • Identify PEP projects suitable for apprenticeship attachment (min.6 months, max. 1yr)
  • Company running PEP project hires apprentice directly
  • Place of students at company facilitated through ACE Student Training Program (STP)

Key Benefits

  • Develop hands-on AM workforce
  • Provide companies with employable talent pool



MOU Partnership

NAMIC has signed several local and international major Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) distributed across the AM value chain. These MOUs have translated into existing NAMIC projects and pipelines, with more to be developed.

7 November, 2017
MOU will enable SAF to leverage on NAMIC’s expertise in 3D printing as well as their network with research and industry partners. SAF and NAMIC will collaborate on the development of qualification standards and conduct research into the military use of 3D printing.
Sembcorp Marine-DNV GL-SIMTech-NAMIC MOU Signing
9 November, 2017
The four organisations will collaborate on developing and certifying Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing technology in fabricating large-scale structures for newbuild vessels.
ST Kinetics-NAMIC MOU Signing
21 November, 2017
As part of the collaboration with SAF, ST Kinetics, a first-tier supplier to SAF, will collaborate with NAMIC leveraging on their expertise in 3D printing as well as their network with research and industry partners.
SPEE3D–Singapore Polytechnic-NAMIC MOU Signing
18 January, 2018
SPEE3D will enter into a partnership with Singapore Polytechnic and NAMIC to develop and test-bed SPEE3D’s supersonic metal 3D printing solution (SP3D) including metal powder feedstock, as part of SPEE3D’s global go-to-market strategy.
Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)-NAMIC MOU Signing
18 April, 2018
MPA and NAMIC will collaborate on innovation and development of maritime and energy applications related to digitalization and advanced manufacturing.

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