Wiivv & Dr. Scholl’s team up to offer custom 3D printed insoles

Barely 3 months ago, NAMIC and Wiivv signed the MoU to develop high performing, 3D printed biometric insoles in Singapore. This time, their partnership with Dr. Scholl’s team, announced at CES 2019, will bring personalized 3D printed foot care to the U.S. market

Today, 3D printed insole manufacturer Wiivv has announced an exciting partnership with popular foot care brand Dr. Scholl’s at CES 2019. Through the collaboration, Dr. Scholl’s is breaking into the 3D printed insole market by offering its clients custom insoles powered by Wiivv Fit Technology. Customers simply have to download a smartphone app to order their own customized, Dr. Scholl’s 3D printed insoles.

“Dr. Scholl‘s understands the importance of customization for a growing number of consumers. This new offering enables us to make inserts to the exact specifications of our customers‘ feet, with just the right support in just the right places,” commented Claudia F. Metcalf, U.S. Marketing Director of Dr. Scholl’s. “Using Wiivv Fit Technology, we are bringing a custom 3D experience to the reliable, comfortable inserts Dr. Scholl’s is known for. This is a breakthrough in premium personalization with the ability to shop from home.”


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