Osteopore International wins Made in Singapore Award (Medical Sector)

Singapore Medical Startup, Osteopore International has bagged the Made in Singapore – Medical trophy for its Osteomesh for Orthopaedic device at the Made in Singapore and Designed in Singapore Awards Ceremony 2020 presented by Singapore Business Review.

Osteomesh for Orthopaedic is a structured bone graft that is shaped to fill the void created in trauma cases in the extremities such as the shin bone or radius bone. Its unique architecture allows for rapid saturation with marrow, blood and nutrients, thus providing the patient’s own cells with chemical signals that are required for bone growth and remodeling. The device is 3D-printed with porosity to facilitate bone tissue and micro-blood vessels integration.

The mesh offers a rigid yet flexible scaffold with sufficient mechanical strength that supports bone in-growth. As the new material will biodegrade over a period of 18-24 months, it will leave behind viable new bone in its place. Ten successful cases have been conducted in Singapore, Germany, Oman and Australia using Osteomesh, varying from eight years to six months post operatively with the first human case of a 36cm tibia reconstruction took place in 2017. Two years post surgery, the patient was able to walk with support and the Osteomesh device was observed to have biodegraded.

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