A.I. Engineering Pioneer Hyperganic Raises $7.8m Funding For R&D Expansion In Singapore

Hyperganic, a German company developing software that generates 3D printings, has raised US$7.8 million funding round co-led by German funds HV Capital and VSquared Ventures [1] is expanding into Singapore.

The investment will drive a significant expansion of the existing Hyperganic team and the establishment of R&D centers in both Singapore and China.

Hyperganic will use Singapore as a key pillar of the company’s development strategy. This decision was driven by the country’s investment in a vibrant deep technology ecosystem, specifically for advanced manufacturing technologies such as A.I., robotics and industrial 3D printing. As part of Singapore’s five-year RIE (Research, Innovation, Enterprise) plans, NAMIC, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster, was incepted to orchestrate and implement strategies for the future of production.

“Singapore is one of only a few countries which have recognised the seismic shift happening through digital factories based on Additive Manufacturing. The products designed by our Singapore A.I. engineers will be game changers for many industries that are highly relevant to the region. With NAMIC, Singapore has a unique organisation that demonstrates the country’s strategic commitment to transforming an entire industry sector,” said Kayser.

“We have engaged Hyperganic as early as 2018 when it was in stealth mode, after Lin and I met at a conference. Back then, it was extraordinary to me what the company had envisaged — a paradigm shift in the way people design, using algorithms to create functional products with biomimicry designs. We are delighted to be partnering with Hyperganic on their growth journey, and excited by its plans to rapidly expand its footprint in Singapore and Asia,” said Dr. Chaw Sing Ho, Director, NAMIC Singapore.

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