Business Nature

  • AM Service Bureau
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Design & Engineering
  • Training & Consultancy


  • Automotive/Transport
  • Building & Construction
  • Consumer Product
  • Education
  • Manufacturing (Others)
  • Robotics / Automation

What's Unique

Mass customisation and mass production using 3D printing technology

Contact Information


Address: 38 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, Lobby A, #04-12, Singapore 569511 

Phone: +65 9846 0876 

The Company

Siege Advanced Manufacturing is a one-stop manufacturing solution, with 3D design, prototyping and mass manufacturing services on offer. We provide 3D design services to optimize designs for 3D printing and prototyping before mass manufacturing.

With an entire fleet of 3D printers, we are able to mass manufacture your designs (up to 20,000 pieces) quickly and at cost efficient rates. The 3D printing technology also allows for mass customisation. With no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), one-off 3D prints are also welcome.

Products and Services

3D Design
We provide 3D modelling and design services for both the engineering and creative sectors. Price and timeline vary based on the design.

With no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), we welcome one-off prints from any industry. Low quantities can expect a quick timeline of 2 working days onwards to speed up the prototyping process. Shorter timelines for urgent prints are possible as well.

Mass Manufacturing
Our assembly of printers allow us to print up to thousands of parts simultaneously, enabling the mass manufacturing of 3D prints quickly and efficiently.

Large Format
Large format 3D printing allows for replicability and the manufacturing of large parts quickly.