Business Nature

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Research & Development
  • Service Bureau


  • Consumer Product
  • Defence
  • Robotics / Automation
  • Semiconductor & Electronics

Country of Operations

  • Singapore

What's Unique

Mass customisation and mass production using 3D printing technology

Contact Information

Ms Daphne Ting Wan Qing


Phone: +65 9846 0876

Address: 38 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 Lobby A
#06-05 Singapore 569511

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/siege3d

Website: www.siegeadvancedmanufacturing.com/

The Company

As Singapore’s largest 3D print farm, Siege Advanced Manufacturing specialises in mass manufacturing customised end-parts across various industries. We also provide end-to-end solutions, from 3D modelling and design, to prototyping and finally mass manufacturing and post processing. Our range of 3D printing technologies includes high quality mass FDM 3D printing, high detail printing  for complex designs, and large format structures of a few metres.

Our services has enabled our clients to accelerate their production processes and convert R&D concepts to market-ready products quickly. With no Minimum Order Quantity (no MOQ), we welcome one-time orders as well as bulk orders in the thousands.

With over 200,000 3D printed parts, let our reliable technical team assist you with your additive manufacturing project.

Products and Services

  • 3D CAD modelling & design
  • 3D printing consultancy
  • Large format printing of up to 2 metres
  • Smoothening of 3D prints
  • Painting of 3D prints
  • 3D printer rentals


Printing Capabilities

  • FDM
  • SLA

COVID-19 Response Resource

Printers: 40 FDM and SLA Printers

Face Shields, Face Mask Prototypes, Surgical Mask Tension Reliever, Other Healthcare Related Prints

Materials: Nylon, ABS, PLA
Others: ASA, PETG, TPU, Resin

Capacity / month:
Prusa Face Shields (Complete Set): 6,000
Surgical Mask Tension Reliever: 32,400
Hands-Free Door Opener: 9,000