What's Unique

Manufacturer of DED Additive Solutions

Contact Information

Mok Chun Wee
Address: 2 Cleantech Loop, JTC LaunchPad @ Jurong Innovation District, #04-06, Singapore 637144
Phone: +65 9154 3366

The Company

BeAM is a Global OEM of Directed Energy Deposition machines headquartered in Strasbourg, France. Our technology is ideal for repairing components, adding features to existing parts or building near net shape parts with minimal post processing. Designed durably for the industrialization of metal additive applications, BeAM’s DED solutions are truly a critical ingredient in your “factory of the future”.

Products and Services

BeAM was initially founded in 2012 with a view to build a new generation of DED Solutions. With our partners, we built and tested our Magic 1.0 system over a period of the next several years. The first industrial machines were delivered in early 2016 and we have continued to grow, test, and create new systems since.

Our technology helps its clients develop and industrialize their manufacturing and repair processes with an extensive range of services of their production cycle: from feasibility studies and the pilot production phase to the sale of production units and corresponding training programs.

We collaborate with R&D centers and universities to maintain our technological lead. We also offer complete knowledge transfer to partners that wish to become regional DED experts.

Our product range comprise of Modulo 250, Modulo 400 and the Magic 800.

The unique feature of our machines is the ability to perform the DED process in a controlled inert atmosphere. This extends the capability of the DED process to build with reactive metals such as titanium alloys. These reactive alloys require an atmosphere of exceedingly high purity to deposit. BeAM is the ultimate machine for such applications.

Our customer reference include Safran, PFW Aerospace, University of Sheffield, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Nanyang Technological University. At the same time, we are a member of the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) to further develop DED technology in the region.