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What's Unique

Food 3D Printing for personalized snacks, meals and nutrition

Contact Information

Mr. Anirudh Agarwal


Phone: +65 9130 7213

Address: 160 Robinson Road, #14-04
Singapore 068914

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The Company

Anrich3D is developing food 3D printing as a platform technology for various applications. Food is made into a paste and extruded out layer by layer to make 3D shapes. With multiple extruders, we can control the amount of every ingredient and thus create personalized nutrition according to the requirements of every individual. The quantity of all ingredients optimized to produce a balanced meal/snack. Personalized nutrition is critical for hospitals and care facilities to minimize medical complications and hospital stay due to inadequate nutrition.

Moreover, since the food is 3D printed, the same nutritionally optimized meal can be in any shape or format as preferred like a sandwich or bite sized pieces or custom shapes. The visual appeal of the food also helps with getting the elderly or dysphagia patients to find the motivation to eat the soft food.

Food 3D Printing with even a single ingredient, can be used to personalize snacks for guests in restaurants, hotels and caterers. With multiple ingredients, entire balanced meals can be printed. Meals printed in fun and desirable shapes can help encourage kids to eat healthier and even change eating behavior by gradually acquiring the taste for healthier ingredients. Personalized nutrition is also helpful for athletes, models and actors on a strict training schedule with restricted diet.

The same underlying technology of food 3D printing can be used for all these applications simultaneously. Anrich3D is building that platform with hardware: an industrial machine for large scale food production, and software: an online forum to store food paste recipes and 3D printed meals. Anrich3D envisions the use of this platform as the foundation to develop a whole new food 3D printing ecosystem.

Products and Services

• 3D printed snacks and meals customized according to the need.
• Food 3D printers for sale/rent

Anrich3D custom biscuit before baking – with Sweet Potato based cookie dough

Customized Anrich3D biscuit printed with Sweet Potato based cookie dough

Star Shape with Letter R printed with Spinach based cookie dough

Christmas Tree shape printed with spinach based cookie dough

Christmas Stocking with Customizable initials printed with sweet potato based cookie dough

Halloween pumpkin and Christmas tree printed with Potato (top) and Pumpkin (bottom) paste