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Current Openings

1.1 Job Description
Job Position Industry Development Manager
Job Description

This position supports the promotion of the Digital Manufacturing and Design and (DManD) Centre’s capabilities to industry, and to secure R&D collaborations and technology licensing with industry partners.  The key responsibilities include:

  • Engage and identify industry partners to secure collaboration projects, as well as provide feedback on industry needs, to help DManD advance its goals.
  • Structure, review, assess and negotiate different types of contract between DManD and external parties, as well as facilitate setting of project scope for the contract.  This requires interactions with multiple parties within and external of SUTD, e.g. SUTD legal, technology transfer and research offices, SUTD faculty, SUTD’s funding agencies, as well as external collaborators from both public and private sectors.
  • Support administration of contracts by working with funding agencies, external collaborators and relevant SUTD offices to organise meetings and facilitate reporting, and other project implementation requirements.
  • Assist SUTD faculty by providing guidance on funding structure, contract matters and IP management for their application to grants as well as in commercial contracts.
Required/Desired Skills
  • Familiar with contract law, as well as IP management and commercialisation strategies across hardware and software.
  • Excellent written, presentation, and oral communication skills; ability to convincingly communicate complex technical ideas to industry partners.
  • Must be self-starter, highly organised, and able to work independently as well as effectively in a team.
  • Familiar with Singapore industry landscape in manufacturing and design; familiarity with the additive manufacturing industry is an advantage.
  • Experience with university-industry collaborations is desired.
Required/Desired Qualifications

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in engineering or related field.


Demonstrated experience (3-5 years preferred) in industry development within a technology/research organisation, preferably in manufacturing and design fields.  Proven track record in fostering collaborations between industry and university (or public sector research institutes) is desired.

1.2. Job Application

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