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  • Pre-Clinical Findings from Organovo Indicate 3D-Printed Biotissue Successfully Implanted into Mice

    New pre-clinical findings from 3D bioprinting company Organovo indicates it will be 3-5 years before it applies for clearance of their liver tissue. However, that is still sooner than perhaps even the FDA had in mind. Pre-clinical trial data shows that 3D bioprinted liver tissue has been… read more
  • Govt Agencies Turning to 3D Indoor Mapping

    Researchers & government agencies across Singapore are beginning to embrace 3D computer mapping of indoor spaces - a trend that could enhance public security for emergency situations, among other benefits. The 3D maps, which detail interior spaces and are constructed with the help of lasers,… read more
  • Vue 3D-Printed Smart Glasses

    Vue, which could become the world’s first pair of smart glasses designed for everyday use. Designed through 3D printing, they look like a regular pair of designer glasses, are compatible with prescription lenses and are discrete enough to wear constantly. Unlike the Google Glass, all the smart… read more
  • 3D-Printed Satellite Launcher Wins Competition and Heads to ISS

    The ISS Design Competition posed the question, “If you could print something out aboard the International Space Station, what would it be?” Nearly 250 ideas were submitted to the Competition, everything from tools to toys to scientific instruments.
  • New Children’s Book on 3D Printing Shows Value and Effects of 3D Printing Technology

    Recently published children’s book “Pablo The Printer” was written by Jeffrey Ito, a 3D printer veteran, to help teach children the value and potential effects of 3D Printing technology.

    The character Peter is about to turn seven years old when his father gives him a 3D Printer that… read more
  • Carbon’s 3D 3D Process Takes Shape with the Help of BMW, Delphi, Ford

    The Carbon 3D technology, launched last year, has raised the interest—and the venture capital funds—of automakers including Ford, Delphi and BMW, which are separately collaborating with Carbon 3D to develop applications for the technology. Carbon’s 3D M1 also has medical applications, among them… read more