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  • Launches NAMIC

    Singapore Launches NAMIC To Help Scale Up Use Of 3D Printing

    22 Sep 2015 NAMIC was formed to support the country's 3D printing infrastructure. The new cluster was launched by Mr S Iswaran, Minister for Trade and Industry. "NAMIC will translate related upstream research in Singapore's public research entities and institutes of higher learning into… read more
  • MediaCorp TV Interview News: 3D/4D Printing For The Future

    MediaCorp TV Interview News: 3D/4D Printing For The Future

    26 Oct 2015 Using components made from smart shape-memory materials with slightly different responses to heat, researchers have demonstrated a four-dimensional printing technology that allowed creation of complex self-folding structures.
  • Singapore’s First3D-Printed Concept Car

    Singapore’s First 3D-Printed Concept Car

    05 Nov 2015 Nanyang Technological University (NTU) students have built Singapore’s first urban solar electric car with an innovative 3D-printed body shell that has 150 parts. Mounted on a carbon fibre single shell chassis, the NTU Venture (NV) 8 will race in the Urban Concept category at this year’s Shell Eco-… read more
  • 3D Printing Of Rooms By Robots

    3D Printing Of Rooms By Robots

    18 May 2016 In the future, your room might be 3D printed by a robot that can spray layers of concrete to create customised walls and toilets. NTU scientists are working on several new developments in construction, including a new way to 3D print customised concrete structures for buildings such as beams and… read more
  • 3D-Printed Customised Tablets That Release Drugs At Different Rates

    3D-Printed Customised Tablets That Release Drugs At Different Rates

    29 May 2016 For a long time, customised tablets has been a mere concept as it was far too complex or expensive to be realised. The tablet by the NUS team consists of a polymer containing the drug in a specially designed shape that can be adjusted to allow drug release at different rates.
  • Using 3D Printing To Make A Drone That’s Lighter

    Using 3D Printing To Make A Drone That’s Lighter

    18 Jun 2016 Engineers here are using 3D printing to make a drone that's lighter, flies better and powers itself on energy from the sun - three improvements that would be either very difficult or impractical using mainstream manufacturing methods. That is why 3D printing is being hailed as a force in… read more
  • 3D-Printed Fuel & Launching Of Commercial Rocket

    3D-Printed Fuel & Launching Of Commercial Rocket

    03 Aug 2016 Gilmour Space Technologies is the first Singapore company in the world to use 3D printed fuel from combining 2 materials, the company's "secret sauce" that dramatically reduces the cost of rocket launches from about USD 1M to USD 750K. The start-up is a beneficiary of NAMIC formed to… read more
  • NAMIC Partnered IV To Create New 3D Printing Technologies

    NAMIC Partnered IV To Create New 3D Printing Technologies

    13 Sep 2016 Intellectual Ventures (IV) is proud to collaborate with institutions that are similarly committed to building a global innovation ecosystem. Recently, IV’s Invention Science Fund (ISF) partnered with NAMIC to further develop 3D printing machine and service capabilities with a wide-range of… read more
  • Replacing Teeth? 3D Scaffold May Ease Pain

    Replacing Teeth? 3D Scaffold May Ease Pain

    03 Oct 2016 Researchers here have invented a 3D-printed scaffold to grow bone for placing dental implants after a tooth has been extracted. This could eliminate the need for painful bone grafting, in which bone is taken from other parts of the patient's body. The scaffold was developed by dental surgeons… read more
  • Road Map For Precision Engineering Industry Targets 3,000 More Jobs For PMETs In New Growth Areas

    Road Map For Precision Engineering Industry Targets 3,000 More Jobs For PMETs…

    12 Oct 2016 3,000 jobs for professionals, executive, managers and technicians (PMETs) in the precision engineering sector is expected to come online by 2020 as part of the industry transformation map for precision engineering, Trade and Industry (Industry) Minister S Iswaran announced on Wednesday (Oct 12). a… read more
  • G.O.H. Dr Koh Poh Koon Tours NAMIC Booth

    G.O.H. Dr Koh Poh Koon Tours NAMIC Booth

    12 Oct 2016 Guest of Honour, Dr Koh Poh Koon - Minister of State, Ministry of Trade & Industry and Ministry of National Development, visited NAMIC booth during the opening tour. At the Opening Ceremony held earlier, he said “Manufacturing companies need to invest in technology and adopt new manufacturing… read more
  • ORNL, Boeing Win Guinness World Record For Biggest 3D-Printed Piece

    ORNL, Boeing Win Guinness World Record For Biggest 3D-Printed Piece

    14 Oct 2016 Guinness World Records has awarded the world record for the largest solid 3D-printed item which is a 3D-printed trim and drill tool that measures 17.5 ft x 5.5 ft x 1.5 ft. Researchers at ORNL built the tool to be evaluated by Boeing for use in constructing the aircraft leader’s 777X passenger jet… read more
  • technologies

    Technologies To Help Productivity

    19 Oct 2016 Your future home might be planned using virtual reality, built with a 3D printer and inspected by a robot for quality. What may sound like a sci-fi movie could become reality in a few decades as Singapore ramps up its construction productivity and employs more efficient building methods.
  • Twin Babies No Longer Joined At The Brain - Thanks To 3D Technology

    Twin Babies No Longer Joined At The Brain - Thanks To 3D Technology

    21 Oct 2016 It was thanks to 3D technology that Dr. Goodrich and his team were able to look inside the boys’ brains before operating. Using a combination of 3D printed models and virtual planning software, the surgical team was able to carefully study the connected tissue and plan the course they would take to… read more
  • Kor

    Korean Researchers Develop New Silk Protein For 3D Printing

    21 Oct 2016 Korea’s Rural Development Administration (RDA) has announced the development of a new silk 3D printing system for medical equipment that uses silk protein as a 3D printing material. Silk has now been turned into a viable 3D bioprinting material through the research efforts of South Korea’s RDA and… read more
  • 3D printer

    Desktop 3D Printers Responsible for 14% Global 3D Printer Market Growth

    28 Oct 2016 IT market research specialist CONTEXT concluded that desktop 3D printers in the sub $5,000 range are responsible for the 14 percent increase in worldwide 3D printer shipments over the first half of 2016. While 3D printer shipments in the industrial/professional segment declined with about 15… read more
  • gov

    Govt Agencies Turning to 3D Indoor Mapping

    31 Oct 2016 Researchers & government agencies across Singapore are beginning to embrace 3D computer mapping of indoor spaces - a trend that could enhance public security for emergency situations, among other benefits. The 3D maps, which detail interior spaces and are constructed with the help of lasers,… read more
  • smart glasses

    Vue 3D-Printed Smart Glasses

    01 Nov 2016 Vue, which could become the world’s first pair of smart glasses designed for everyday use. Designed through 3D printing, they look like a regular pair of designer glasses, are compatible with prescription lenses and are discrete enough to wear constantly. Unlike the Google Glass, all the smart… read more
  • 3D printed sleeve

    3D-Printed Sleeve for Rock Climbing Robot

    01 Nov 2016 Featured here is a new microspine-based palm design for rock-climbing robots. These palms use microspines that can support four times the weight of previous designs. The design of these new spines is straightforward: each 15-mm steel spine sits in a 3D printed sleeve, with a spring that pushes it… read more
  • Insoles

    Digitizing & New Software Will 3D-Printed Customized Insoles for Diabetes…

    04 Nov 2016 In the future, specialist shoemakers will be able to produce insoles more cost-effectively for diabetics thanks to new software and the use of 3D printers. This approach means the mechanical properties of each insole can be assessed scientifically and more effectively. In the past, insoles for… read more
  • Bioprinting

    Bioprinting Market Forecast Indicates Annual Growth Rate Exceeding 43% by 2021

    08 Nov 2016 BCC Research reveals in its new report that the global market for bioprinting is forecast to achieve an annual growth rate exceeding 43% through 2021.T he global market for bioprinting should reach $295 million and $1.8 billion million in 2016 and 2021, respectively, demonstrating a five-year… read more
  • satellite

    3D-Printed Satellite Launcher Wins Competition and Heads to ISS

    11 Nov 2016 The ISS Design Competition posed the question, “If you could print something out aboard the International Space Station, what would it be?” Nearly 250 ideas were submitted to the Competition, everything from tools to toys to scientific instruments.
  • carbon

    Carbon’s 3D 3D Process Takes Shape with the Help of BMW, Delphi, Ford

    11 Nov 2016 The Carbon 3D technology, launched last year, has raised the interest—and the venture capital funds—of automakers including Ford, Delphi and BMW, which are separately collaborating with Carbon 3D to develop applications for the technology. Carbon’s 3D M1 also has medical applications, among them… read more
  • Shoe

    Shoe Designer Katrien Herdewyn Combines 3D Printing with Traditional…

    11 Nov 2016 Belgian footwear designer Katrien Herdewyn has a background in engineering, material sciences, and nanotechnology. She is creating some truly remarkable footwear pieces with the help of traditional shoemaking techniques and 3D printing.
  • Racing motorcycle

    Racing Motorcycle Parts Created Fast and Economically with Stratasys 3D Printing

    11 Nov 2016 Ohio State University’s Buckeye Current is one of the fastest collegiate electric motorcycle teams in the world. A big part of their success is the ability to design and produce one-off motorcycle components to their exacting specifications-quickly and cost-effectively. That’s where Stratasys 3D… read more
  • 3D printed home

    Cazza Building Toward Zero-Waste, Inexpensive 3D-Printed Home Construction

    15 Nov 2016 Casa Construction Technologies is making progress towards the construction of 3D printed smart cities across the world. Over the last two years, co-founder and COO Fernando De Los Rios have been working with more than 50 engineers from across the globe to develop the technology, which is capable of… read more
  • Xiaomi

    Leaked photos suggest Xiaomi Inc. will soon release its first 3D printer

    15 Nov 2016 Since its founding in 2010, Chinese electronics company Xiaomi Inc. has made a name for itself in the smartphone, laptop, mobile apps, and consumer electronics markets, releasing a wide range of competitively priced products. Now, judging by some leaked photos of a new product, it seems the… read more
  • Power Plant

    Berlin’s Mitte Power Plant Used 3D-Printed First Stage Heat Shields

    15 Nov 2016 The Berlin Mitte plant, operated by the power company Vattenfall, is using 3D-printed first-stage heat shields and first-stage vanes inside a single GE natural gas turbine. Each part weighs about 4.5 kilograms (9 pounds) and is the size of a laptop. “These are the largest 3D-printed components… read more
  • bullet

    Russian Researchers Design 3D-Printed Bullets that Test Successfully

    15 Nov 2016 Researchers at the Russian Fund for Perspective Research used a form of laser sintering to create 3D printed bullets, with powdered metal fused layer by layer to create a complete bullet without seams or weaknesses. The research shows that the manufacturing process is a plausible one, and could… read more
  • Stratasys

    Stratasys and SAP Establishing Global Network of 3D Printing Co-Innovation Labs

    17 Nov 2016 Strategy's and multinational software company, SAP are establishing a global network of 3D printing co-innovation laboratories to educate people on the adoption of additive manufacturing as an integral part of the manufacturing production line. The labs will target customers, employees and… read more
  • Space & Satellite

    Space and satellite sector one of the new clusters eyed for growth

    18 Nov 2016 Singapore's space and satellite sector is one of the new industry clusters that the Government will focus on growing, the Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry) said yesterday. Mr S. Iswaran told the media: "When you talk about space, the requirements are quite harsh given the… read more
  • bio bioprinter

    Professor at Northeastern University Using Specially Designed 3D-Bioprinter to…

    18 Nov 2016 Guho Dai, Ph.D., an associate professor in the Department of Bioengineering at Northeastern University’s Department of Bioengineering, is working on the 3D bioprinting live tissues for exploring blood vessel regeneration and potentially treating vascular diseases. Ultimately, Dai is hoping to… read more
  • whiteclouds

    WhiteClouds Launching Medical 3D Printing Service

    21 Nov 2016 Full-color 3D-printing giant WhiteClouds has launched a new medical 3D printing service called 3DyourSCAN: offering personalized full color pre-surgery educational models based on a patient’s CT/MRI scans. These individual models can be turned around as quickly as 24 hours. 3DyourSCAN involves a… read more
  • Bio Fab

    Australia Opening Biofabrication Institute for 3D-Printed Implants

    22 Nov 2016 Australia’s Herston Health Precinct is opening a new biofabrication institute on its premises. The institute, which will occupy two floors at the Herston Health Precinct, will be dedicated to imaging, modeling, and manufacturing 3D printed patient-specific tissues. The new 3D bioprinting lab will… read more
  • Quadbot

    Quadbot: engaging students with 3D printing and robotics

    22 Nov 2016 The easiest way to learn about robotics is to physically engage with robots. While theory is important, like anything the best way to really learn about something is to put it into practice.
    At least that is the theory for Engimake, the team behind the Quadbot, who believe their robot is the… read more
  • digs deep

    Singapore digs deep for tech edge

    23 Nov 2016 The push to build more start-ups based on science and "deep" technology - technology that is hard to reproduce - picked up pace with the launch of a new organisation yesterday. Called SGInnovate, it brings together entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, academics and companies to develop… read more
  • 3d cookie

    Ten 3D Printable Christmas Cookie Cutters

    25 Nov 2016 If you really want to impress people with your Christmas cookie game this year, then step it up with these cool three-dimensional cookie cutters. Just cut out all of the assorted cookie parts and then assemble with a bit of icing to hold everything together. The set includes reindeer, Santa’s… read more
  • 3D olympiad

    14-Year Old Student Wins Gulf 3D-Printing Olympiad with 3D Printed Mind-…

    25 Nov 2016 The first Gulf 3D Printing Olympiad was open to all students between the ages of 10-25 residing in the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf. The competition was aimed at inspiring young entrepreneurs by fueling their innovation and creativity through 3D printing. The theme was “… read more
  • spinal implant

    EIT, 3D-Printed Spinal Implants Company, Receives Investment from SHS…

    28 Nov 2016 Investment firm SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH, has announced it is investing in German manufacturer of 3D printed spinal implants, EIT Emerging Implant Technologies GmbH. The total amount has not been disclosed. EIT’s implants mimic the structure and stiffness of natural bone… read more
  • Oil Consumption

    3D Printing Could Help to Reduce Global Oil Consumption

    29 Nov 2016 3D printers and electric vehicles can help to reduce oil consumption - to a greater degree than has been predicted by the International Energy Agency (IEA), according to Thina Margrethe Saltvedt, a Norwegian analyst for Swedish financial services group Nordea. According to Saltvedt, 3D printing… read more
  • 3d candy

    Magic Candy Factory Lets Users Design & 3D-Print Gummy Confections

    29 Nov 2016 Melissa Snover is the creator and managing director of the Katjes Magic Candy Factory, a chain of stores offering customers the chance to design and 3D print their own custom gummy candy.
    “Our 3D printer lets anyone from a three-year-old child to a 79-year-old interact with a tablet computer… read more
  • IP Risk

    Dealing with IP Risks and 3D Printing

    29 Nov 2016 Our current IP law systems are geared towards dealing with the manufacture, distribution, sale, etc. of physical goods. One commonly used method for enforcing IP rights is cross-border customs detentions, but on-the-spot manufacture and manufacture of very small production runs mean that the number… read more
  • nuclear reactor

    Chinese Experts Approve 3D-Printed Nuclear Reactor Component

    09 Dec 2016 The China Nuclear Power Research Institute and Nanfang Additive Manufacturing Technology 3D printed a pressure vessel cylinder for an ACP100 nuclear reactor recently. That critical 3D printed part has now passed a technical appraisal from experts.
    The experts passing judgment on the 3D… read more
  • deer antlers

    Researchers 3D Print Damage-Resistant Materials Based on Nanostructures of Deer…

    23 Dec 2016 Researchers have observed deer antler structures on a nanoscale level to discover the mechanisms responsible for their durability. Deer antlers intermittently arranged set of fibres seem to have evolved to take a hit, partnered with a breakable, shock-absorbing substance made up of non-collagenous… read more
  • biotissue

    Pre-Clinical Findings from Organovo Indicate 3D-Printed Biotissue Successfully…

    27 Dec 2016 New pre-clinical findings from 3D bioprinting company Organovo indicates it will be 3-5 years before it applies for clearance of their liver tissue. However, that is still sooner than perhaps even the FDA had in mind. Pre-clinical trial data shows that 3D bioprinted liver tissue has been… read more
  • Trend report

    DHL Trend Report Finds 3D Printing Will Become Complementary to Mass-Production

    30 Dec 2016 DHL has been testing a variety of both 3D printing hardware and techniques for several years and has identified applications that have potential to redefine manufacturing and supply chain strategies. DHL’s latest DHL trend report finds it will not become a substitute for mass-production but a… read more
  • missori

    Missouri S&T Researching 3D Printing for Stretchable Electronics

    06 Jan 2017 Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) finds that 3D printing could also be a valuable approach for overcoming the challenges that currently face stretchable electronics developers. Stretchable electronics could soon be the new industry standard in the… read more
  • NAMIC Launch

    Singapore firms tapping 3D printing tech for new growth opportunities ​

    23 Jan 2017 Tissue implants customised for individual patients and a more cost-efficient way of producing hybrid solid rocket fuel - these are some of the joint industry research projects that are in the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster's (NAMIC) portfolio.
    In a joint media… read more
  • NAMIC Launch

    Singapore firms tapping 3D printing tech for new growth opportunities ​

    23 Jan 2017 Tissue implants customised for individual patients and a more cost-efficient way of producing hybrid solid rocket fuel - these are some of the joint industry research projects that are in the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster's (NAMIC) portfolio.
    In a joint media… read more
  • Memento to GOH

    Manufacturing tech hub gives firms cutting edge​

    24 Jan 2017 A hub set up just over a year ago to focus on cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing, has helped companies in areas from dental health to clean water.
    Trade and Industry Ministry Permanent Secretary Loh Khum Yean gave a glimpse yesterday into the future of Singapore… read more
  • bones

    3D Printed Bone May Help Treat Birth Defects

    31 Jan 2017 Researchers at Northwestern University are experimenting with a 3D printable version of hydroxyapatite, a naturally occurring mineral of calcium, extensively used in dental implants and bone grafts for the last six years.

    Ramille Shah, a researcher and professor in the field of… read more
  • 3D Heart

    Caterpillar Partnering with Heart Surgeons to Design 3D-Printed Hearts for…

    03 Feb 2017 Caterpillar Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of earthmoving equipment teamed up with OSF HealthCare to design successful 3D printed hearts. The concept of 3D representations of a patient’s organs and advanced visualization is so new to medicine that no framework exists. Illinois-based OSF… read more
  • 5 Trends

    Five Industrial Additive Manufacturing Trends for 2017

    14 Feb 2017 Additive is becoming a part of an integrated production line. This year is poised to build upon the significant headway that the industry made in 2016. Here are five industrial additive manufacturing trends you’re likely to see in 2017.
    1. Increased Industrialization.
    2.… read more
  • Inside 3D Printing Expo

    NAMIC at Inside 3D Printing Expo

    16 Feb 2017 As companies in Singapore look to advanced manufacturing, 3D printing providers converged at an exhibition held by Inside 3D Printing Singapore at the Suntec Convention Centre on 14 and 15 February 2017.

    The event had 3D printers and services on display. NAMIC is among one of the… read more
  • 3d printed book

    New Children’s Book on 3D Printing Shows Value and Effects of 3D Printing…

    17 Feb 2017 Recently published children’s book “Pablo The Printer” was written by Jeffrey Ito, a 3D printer veteran, to help teach children the value and potential effects of 3D Printing technology.

    The character Peter is about to turn seven years old when his father gives him a 3D Printer that… read more
  • 3d printed insoles

    3D Printed Custom Fit Insoles

    20 Feb 2017 Wiivv Custom Fit 3D Printed Insoles are designed to relieve plantar fasciitis pain, joint discomfort, and general foot fatigue.

    1. MADE CUSTOM FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE - Fully-customized insole perfectly matches the contours of your foot's unique size and arch shape, helping to… read more
  • Metal Printer

    Time for 3D Metal Printing to Expand Across More Business sectors

    21 Feb 2017 The aerospace, automotive and medical sectors are relatively advanced in their use of metal 3D printing. We now need to expand this across other business sectors. The current challenge is convincing people in other business sectors to adopt the technology.

    With further realization… read more
  • drones

    Defence Groups Researching 3D-Printed Drones

    24 Feb 2017 Research from California’s Naval Postgraduate School is exploring the use of 3D printing to develop glider delivery systems for the U.S. Marines. The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is also using 3D printing to develop the TERN military drone. The military aerial vehicle is… read more
  • Challenge Tomorrow

    Challenge Tomorrow - Renewing Industry

    24 Feb 2017 In CHALLENGE TOMORROW concerned Singaporeans embark on personal journeys to understand some of Singapore's greatest impending challenges: A slowing economy, disruptive technology that threatens thousands of jobs. Featured in Episode 1 of this documentary video on "Renewing Industry"… read more
  • oscar

    Did you know... Oscar Statuettes this year were 3D-Printed

    28 Feb 2017 The iconic Oscar statuettes this year were 3D printed by Polich Tallix Fine Art Foundry in upper New York state. Polich Tallix was tasked with producing 60 gold statues last year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wanted awards that were closer to the original Oscar statuette from… read more
  • nano

    Nanoscribe Developing 3D Printing at Nanoscale

    28 Feb 2017 At the nanoscale it’s possible to see a tiny universe as just as immense and complex as the universe of planets, galaxies and other macro phenomena. While many in the 3D printing industry may be focused in our day-to-day lives on the macro, there are those like Nanoscribe who work to advance 3D… read more
  • pizza printer

    This robot can 3D-print & bake a pizza in 6 minutes

    04 Mar 2017 One Silicon Valley startup called BeeHex has invented a bot that can 3D-print and bake a pizza in six minutes.

    The inventors received a $125,000 grant from NASA to develop the device in 2016. In February, TechCrunch reported that it raised $1 million in seed funding to launch its… read more
  • 3d printed house

    Portable 3D Printer Builds a Tiny Home with Tiny Price

    07 Mar 2017 3D-printing firm Apis Cor, in collaboration with development firm PIK, recently showed off the portable 3D printer it has developed by using it to build a basic structure of a 38-sq-m (409-sq-ft) home.
    Apis Cor’s project was built on-site with just one portable printer.

    read more
  • Aerospace Summit

    Contributing to Singapore’s Manufacturing Future through AM

    13 Mar 2017 - The Region’s Event on Industry-Centric Additive Manufacturing Techniques for Aerospace Sector is here on 6 April 2017 at the Max Atria @ Singapore Expo.

    To register and find out more, click here
  • Laser

    Researchers Adapting Selective Laser Melting Method

    14 Mar 2017 Researchers at Peter the Great St. Petersburg University (SPbPU) and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) are working to refine the selective laser melting method. The aim of their research project is to create functionally graded Inconel 718. Functionally graded means to combine the desired… read more
  • SMF

    Empowering SMEs to adopt AM to increase productivity & competitiveness

    14 Mar 2017 NAMIC and the Singapore Manufacturing Federation are pleased to launch the Industry Partnership Program (IPP), an initiative to foster and fund the implementation and adoption of additive manufacturing technologies by local SMEs to increase productivity and competitiveness.
    Through the IPP,… read more
  • hp lab

    HP Opens 3D Open Materials and Applications Lab in Oregon

    17 Mar 2017 HP officially opened its new 3D Open Materials and Applications Lab at its Corvallis, Oregon site this week. The 3,500 square-foot lab will be used by HP and its partners to test new, powdered raw materials for use in HP’s 3D printers, and get real-time feedback from engineers. HP said it is… read more
  • Trg Partnership

    UL partners NAMIC in AM Training

    21 Mar 2017 UL, in partnership with the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre (NAMIC), introduces AM training specifically designed for Singapore-based companies.

    Known as the UL AM Training & Certification Guidance Program (TCP), it provides guidance on whether your 3D printed… read more
  • scalable syste

    3D Systems Offering Scalable 3D Printing System for Manufacturing

    21 Mar 2017 3D Systems has announced the industry’s first modular, scalable and fully-integrated additive manufacturing platform. 3D Systems’ disruptive Figure 4 production platform produces plastic parts more than 50 times faster than current systems, delivering dramatically lower total cost of operations… read more
  • Aircraft

    BAE Systems Launches New UK Centre with 3D Printing & VR to Speed Aircraft…

    23 Mar 2017 BAE Systems has opened the New Product and Process Development Centre (NPPDC) in Samlesbury, Lancashire, which will be focused on using 3D printing and VR to reduce costs and speed up manufacturing processes for several military aircraft, including the Eurofighter Typhoon and the BAE Systems Hawk.… read more
  • 3D Printing Studios OC

    Congratulations, 3D Printing Studios! On the opening of your new showroom at CT…

    24 Mar 2017 3D Printing Studios, who provide an end-to-end service using the latest and greatest 3D technologies available, has opened its new show room at CT Hub 2 along Lavender Street. The new experience centre has been established to offer professional 3D printing solutions, additive manufacturing (AM)… read more
  • US Navy

    US Navy Held a 3D Print-a-Thon to Display Innovative Use of the Technology

    24 Mar 2017 The event’s keynote speaker was Dr. John Burrow, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for research, development, test and evaluation.

    He referred to 3D printing as, “a potential game-changing technology for naval warfare” explaining that, “It accelerates capability development and… read more
  • SGP Flag

    Emerson Opens 3D Printing Plant in Singapore

    28 Mar 2017 US-based additive manufacturing heavyweight Emerson has launched a new 3D printing plant in Clementi, Singapore. The state-of-the-art facility is Emerson’s second worldwide development hub, and comes as part of Emerson’s ongoing investment in the Asia-Pacific region, which has totaled over $80… read more
  • SBF

    Innovation Partnerships & Capability Development for Healthcare Innovations…

    31 Mar 2017 ABOUT THE BRIEFING
    SBF is partnering with National Health Innovation Centre (NHIC) and National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC) to conduct a complimentary partners’ briefing on Innovation Programmes, to help companies develop sector capabilities through Healthcare… read more
  • MTA2017

    MTA2017: The new era of manufacturing is here at Expo event

    04 Apr 2017 Manufacturing Technology Asia 2017 aims to bring businesses large and small, technology providers and service firms together to share experiences and opportunities. The exhibition, which comprises 301 companies from 26 countries, is showcasing a spectrum of innovative technology, including additive… read more
  • nus robotics

    ARC Colloquium: Industrial Design Approach Exemplified on Zoo-kinematic Robotic…

    04 Apr 2017 On behalf of the entire research team, I would like to invite you to the colloquium “Industrial Design Approach Exemplified on Zoo-kinematic Robotic End Effectors”.

    The lecture will be given by Professor Axel Thallemer on Wednesday, 12 April 2017, 6:30pm at the Lecture Theater 7A (… read more
  • Aerospace Summit

    3D technologies set to up aerospace companies' competitive edge

    07 Apr 2017 3D or additive manufacturing technologies are set to enable aerospace companies to become more competitive, according to industry experts at the NAMIC Aerospace Summit on Thursday (Apr 6).

    According to GE Aviation vice president for Industrialisation Dr Sanjay Correa, 3D printing… read more
  • Stratasys

    SIA Engineering teams up with Stratasys for new technology

    07 Apr 2017 The SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) is looking to the cutting edge field of 3D printing in its efforts to keep abreast of new technology.

    The company, which specialises in aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, inked a memorandum of understanding with additive… read more
  • Ch8 News

    3D printing technology is the future direction of local aerospace industry

    10 Apr 2017 3D printing technologies are becoming more mature and the Economic Development Board will support local aerospace companies to use innovative technologies such as 3D printing to drive the industry’s development.

    NAMIC Managing Director Dr Ho Chaw Sing said in terms of technology, it… read more
  • MTA2017

    NAMIC at MTA2017 Exhibition

    10 Apr 2017 MTA Singapore is a 4 day event being held from 4th April to the 7th April 2017 at the Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre in Singapore.

    The exhibition showcases a spectrum of innovative technology, including additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing), optics and… read more
  • 4D Shoe

    Adidas Unveils Futurecraft 4D Shoe Made From Continuous Liquid Interface…

    11 Apr 2017 Adidas has unveiled its Futurecraft 4D shoe and announced it plans to sell 5,000 pairs of by this model by the end of this year. The Futurecraft 4D features a mid-sole that has been produced using a method known as Continuous Liquid Interface Production, a process that was created by the 3D… read more
  • Norsk Titanium

    Norsk Titanium Delivers 3D-Printed, FAA-Approved Titanium Parts for Boeing 787…

    17 Apr 2017 Boeing has placed a production purchase order with Norsk Titanium for 3D printed structural titanium components. The components at the centre of this transaction means the Dreamliner 787 will be the world’s first commercial aeroplane built with FAA-Approved additively manufactured parts.
    read more
  • NIH Funds

    NIH Funds $6.25 Million Center to Research Bioprinting and Fabrication of…

    18 Apr 2017 The National Institutes of Health biomedical research organization is providing $6.25 million to fund a Centre for Engineering Complex Tissues in Houston, Texas. The core of the Centre’s efforts will be 3D printing and bioprinting–all moving towards the fabrication and replacement of human organs… read more
  • siemens

    Siemens Announces Integration of Materialise AM Technology into CAD NX

    19 Apr 2017 Siemens has announced that its CAD package NX will now have greater support for 3D printing because of a new partnership agreement with Materialise. In the announcement, Siemens stated that additive manufacturing (AM) technology from Materialise will be integrated into the NX package. NX users will… read more
  • The Wave

    NTU opens The Wave, a mega sports hall built using sustainable technologies

    24 Apr 2017 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) today unveiled its new sports hall named The Wave, the first large-scale building in Southeast Asia built using an innovative timber construction technology known as Mass Engineered Timber.

    It provides five times better heat… read more
  • stained glass

    Custom Prototypes 3D-Prints a Beautiful Stained Glass Window

    28 Apr 2017 Custom Prototypes has 3D-printed a 100 percent plastic stained glass window. The stained glass window took the dedicated Custom Prototypes team 3 months to complete, as it consisted of designing, 3D printing, post-processing, and finalising the various parts of the piece.

    The Toronto… read more
  • Drug Delivery

    Max Planck Institute 3D-Prints Nanoscopic ‘Microswimmers’ for Drug Delivery

    05 May 2017 The Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart has developed a strategy that uses nanoscopic 3D printing technology from Germany’s Nanoscribe GmbH to make micromachines that can be controlled within the human body. Named ‘microswimmers’ these minute machines could be used for the… read more
  • Mobility

    Siemens Mobility Using 3D Printing for Railway Vehicle Parts

    09 May 2017 Siemens Mobility is a company that builds on mobility concepts that have the potential to make transportation and the business models therein more efficient and innovative. When they partnered with SWU Verkehr GmbH in 2003, they had one main goal, and that was to keep vehicle availability as high… read more
  • innovfest 2017

    Thank you for visiting NAMIC counter @Innovfest Unbound 2017 – Where Asian…

    11 May 2017 Thank you for visiting our counter at the NUS’ Start-Up Booths @ Pavilion H, in the exhibition hall. We hope you had an incredible time.

    The Innofest Unbound 2017 is indeed one of the most exciting and biggest innovation festival in Southeast Asia. NTUitive-NAMIC Managing Director Dr… read more
  • 4 ways 3d printing

    Four Ways 3D Printing May Render Traditional Manufacturing Obsolete

    12 May 2017 Four ways 3D printing may render traditional manufacturing obsolete are discussed:

    1. Waste prevention: Unlike traditional manufacturing where manufacturers are compelled to overproduce for a variety of reasons, resulting to waste in the long run, 3D printing allows you to produce… read more
  • Wireless

    Additive Manufacturing is Unlocking New Designs for Wireless Devices

    16 May 2017 Duke University materials scientists and chemists have shown a way to bring electromagnetic metamaterials into the third dimension using common 3D printers. According to the researchers, the demonstration could revolutionize the rapid design and prototyping of radio frequency applications such as… read more

    Home-grown firm opens 3D printing facility here

    18 May 2017 Home-grown metal-printing company 3D Metalforge opened a $2.5 million 3D printing facility here yesterday - the latest in a string of advanced manufacturing investments by various companies. The plant is believed to be Singapore's first "end-to-end" additive manufacturing - also… read more
  • MOU Signing

    2 project collaboration agreements signed at the launch of 3D Metalforge’s AMC

    19 May 2017 Home-grown company 3D Metalforge Pte Ltd unveiled its first end-to-end metal additive manufacturing centre (AMC) on 17 May 2017. Two project collaboration agreements were signed at the launch by Trade and Industry Minister (Industry) S Iswaran.

    One is with NAMIC and SUTD’s digital… read more
  • 3D Printed Ovaries

    3D Printed Ovaries Restore Fertility in Mice

    24 May 2017 Prosthetic 3D-printed ovaries made of gelatin have allowed mice to conceive and give birth to healthy offspring. Such engineered ovaries could one day be used to help restore fertility in cancer survivors rendered sterile by radiation or chemotherapy.

    The researchers used a 3D… read more
  • 3D cheese

    Food Scientists Assess 3D-Printed Cheese Characteristics Versus Original Cheese

    26 May 2017 A recent study conducted by scientists at the University College, Cork in Ireland, tested whether the 3D printing process would have an impact on the texture of melted-down, processed cheese. They began by creating the cheese using the printer, and then comparing it to its original form.
    read more
  • Hybrid Printing

    The Rise of Hybrid Manufacturing in 3D Printing

    29 May 2017 A “bridge” technology referred to as hybrid manufacturing lies between the worlds of CNC machining and additive manufacturing (AM). Hybrid systems combine both production techniques to join the benefits of subtractive and additive processes—the precision of the former with the freedom of the latter… read more
  • Ford

    Ford’s New CEO May Signal More Integration of 3D Printing & Artificial…

    30 May 2017 Speculation is strong that Ford’s new CEO Jim Hackett will lead Ford through a number of transformations aimed at strengthening the 114-year-old company’s business and accelerating its use of beneficial technologies such as 3D printing, artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, big data, and more… read more
  • car parts

    Volkswagen Pilot Testing 3D Printed Parts for Classic Cars

    01 Jun 2017 The Volkswagen Group announced a new pilot project in collaboration with the Department of Development and Technological Planning at Volkswagen AG to produce the first sellable spare Volkswagen part exclusively using 3D printing. Many classic cars risk facing obsolescence due to irreplaceable and… read more
  • icra2017

    Thank you for visiting NAMIC counter @ICRA 2017

    02 Jun 2017 Thank you for visiting our counter at the NTU’s Booth. We hope you had an incredible time at ICRA2017.

    ICRA2017 is an IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation that brings together global public and private sector leaders in robotics and automation, to discuss the… read more
  • print the world

    ‘Print the World’ Exhibit Reflects Diverse Visions of 3D-Printed Art &…

    06 Jun 2017 ‘Print the World’ is an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, where a striking selection of 3D-printed objects reflects the diverse and ambitious visions of designers, artists and architects. The show presents myriad entry points for visitors depending on their existing knowledge of the disruptive… read more
  • Formlabs

    Formlabs Announces its First SLS Platform

    08 Jun 2017 Formlabs has announced the launch of Fuse 1, its first selective laser sintering (SLS) platform, and Form Cell, an automated production solution that houses Form 2 machines. The Fuse 1 delivers the renowned benefits of SLS, while also boasting the reliability of its Form 2 3D printer. Prices… read more
  • Disney

    Disney Seeking Anti-Scanning Patent to Prevent 3D-Printing of its Trademarked…

    14 Jun 2017 Disney is looking at ways to block people from using 3D printers to reproduce its famous characters. Disney is seeking a new patent for a reflective substance that would confuse digital scanners, so fans couldn’t easily scan Disney’s trademarked figurines and print them out at home on a 3D printer… read more
  • Magnets

    Momentum Technologies Licenses ORNS’s 3D-Printed Magnet Technology

    16 Jun 2017 Momentum Technologies has licensed Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s 3D-printed magnet technology and plans to produce the first 3D-printed magnet made from recycled materials for use in electric vehicles, wind turbines and high-speed rail.
    ORNL has demonstrated that 3D-printed magnets can… read more
  • stratasys

    Stratasys & Boom Supersonic Sign Partnership to Speed Development of…

    19 Jun 2017 Stratasys and Boom Supersonic have announced a significant technical partnership to bring the commercial airline industry one step closer towards routine supersonic travel. Aimed at shaping the future of high-speed aviation, this three-year agreement was signed to help Boom accelerate production of… read more
  • Nanosteel

    NanoSteel® Launches 3D Printable Tool Steel

    21 Jun 2017 NanoSteel® announced the launch of its first product for the laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing process. BLDRmetal™ L-40 is a case-hardening steel powder that provides high hardness and ductility (case hardness >70HRC, 10%+ core elongation) and prints easily on standard commercial… read more
  • Marine Corp

    Marine Corps’ 3D-Printed Drone Ready for Surveillance in Combat Zones

    29 Jun 2017 Marines are ready to launch a 3D-printed drone nicknamed ‘The Nibbler’ into combat zones. The Nibbler would be able to operate like other, far more expensive unmanned aircraft and conduct “over the hill” intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. The Nibbler is composed of a few prefabricated… read more
  • reduce cost

    3DEO Uses Built-In CNC to Drop Metal 3D Printing Costs

    03 Jul 2017 3DEO, based in Los Angeles, may have found a method for dropping metal AM costs while also enabling mass production. Lance Kallman, vice president of business development, and Matt Sand, president, have dubbed the company’s unique technology “Intelligent Layering.”

    The use of a built… read more
  • Eviation

    Eviation Aircraft Developing All-Electric Commuter Plane with Stratasys 3D…

    05 Jul 2017 Stratasys has announced that Israel-based Eviation Aircraft, a manufacturer of all-electric air mobility solutions, is using Stratasys 3D printing to develop one of the world’s first all-electric commuter aircraft.

    There is a race in the global aviation industry to develop electric… read more
  • 3D print medicine

    Scientists 3D Print Parkinson’s Medicine with UV inkjet 3D printing

    10 Jul 2017 University of Nottingham scientists working with pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) have conducted a study “3D Printing of Tablets Using Inkjet with UV Photoinitiation.”

    The study used a Dimatix Materials Printer DMP-2850, a machine prefered for lab work given the low… read more
  • AM.NUS

    NUS opens $18m centre for 3D printing

    21 Jul 2017 Tissue regeneration, implants and drug formulations enabled by 3D printing - these are some areas that an $18 million 3D-printing centre launched on 21 July will explore.

    The National University of Singapore Centre for Additive Manufacturing (AM.NUS), whose laboratories are based at… read more
  • MOU Signing

    ​Forging new industry collaborations

    21 Jul 2017 The National University of Singapore Centre for Additive Manufacturing (or AM.NUS) will work closely with industry partners to develop and transfer AM technologies for biomedical applications. At the ceremony, four industry partners signed collaboration Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with AM.… read more